Blogging 101 – How to Start a Blog and Get Started With Amazing Success

Blogging is becoming more popular as people discover the power of the Internet and get to enjoy being interactive with others. The original intent of blogs and blogging was to share people’s personal lives online, similar to writing an online journal. Over the past decade, blogging has moved away from being primarily personal and towards being more professional. As blogging evolved from individuals writing blogs only for their friends and family, professionals began writing blogs for the public to promote both their business and their personal brand.

Take, for instance, how insurance agents are known to use blogs for generating life insurance leads. For insurance businesses, blogging can offer much more than keeping followers informed of company news. It can establish brand authority, position the agents as an expert in the insurance sector, and give people an inside look at the culture of the insurance company. Moreover, if the readers need life insurance, the agents can position themselves as the go-to resource by writing blog articles that can educate the readers about their services. Further, when SEO keywords (know how to implement SEO in your blog by clicking here) are added to such content, it becomes more valuable.

That said, one should remember that blogging isn’t the most glamorous career choice for someone whose sole desire is to make money online. So how do you make a living with your blogs? Well, this article is part of a series of “how-to” articles on how to start a blog that was put together by three professional bloggers. It features three professional bloggers chipping in and providing their tips on how to start a blog and how to become successful with it, and not just that, how to start a profitable blog and earn money off of it as well.

The first step is gaining visitors. A blogger needs visitors to be able to blog. There are many ways to get visitors and one of them is email marketing. Email marketing is where a blogger sends out emails to targeted visitors and asks for permission to email them back. The purpose of this is to send interested readers to the writer’s website so they can view the rest of his or her posts. Though email marketing can be costly at times due to all of the emails being sent in bulk without checking if the email ID is valid or not. Prices are paid based on the number of emails sent, regardless of whether the emails are delivered or not. As a result, many businesses take the help of companies like Epsilon (by visiting their website, to validate users’ names and addresses to reach out right customers.

Anyway, after gaining traffic, the next step is promoting that traffic. After getting the visitors to your site, you need to promote your blog. One of the best ways to promote your blogs is by using the keyword tool of your favorite search engine, such as Google. After you have found a good keyword tool, place the keyword in the title of your post, and at the very least, the first couple of sentences.

The third step is building and maintaining a good and effective blog design. This step involves knowing what you want your blog to look like, what kind of design you want and how to make it all work together. For example, some bloggers may prefer to have a more visual presentation while others may want their blogs more personal and less flashy. Other bloggers may prefer a certain type of background, while many other bloggers would prefer a certain color scheme. Knowing your own style will help you build the most effective blog for your particular niche.

The fourth step on how to start a blog is to find and install WordPress, a blogging platform popularized by blogging websites like WordPress. WordPress can be installed with relative ease and can be used to create the most beautiful and dynamic content. In order to use WordPress, you need to have a hosting account from which you can install WordPress. The installation process is quick and easy, so most bloggers can get started in no time.

The fifth step on how to start a blog is choosing the actual topic for your blog. The topic of your blog will set the entire tone of your blogging journey. For example, if you are writing about pet care, you do not want to write about kitchen tips. Therefore, it is important to choose the right topic to begin with. Once the topic is chosen, it is time to pick a blogging platform from which your blog will be posted.

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