About us

How many times have you bought something and regretted the purchase instantly? I have been down this road so many times that I eventually stopped keeping count. I am sure all of you have had your fair share of troubles while buying products, especially online. There are several ways in which you can get duped while buying products.

First, it is difficult to find the right products. There is so much variety in products these days that you barely understand what to buy. A ton of brands are launching new products every year, making a few tweaks here and there. It makes me wonder what I should buy and what I should not since the choice is virtually endless.

Secondly, products come with technical jargons that don’t accurately define what the product is capable of. Marketing campaigns of these products use extremely flowery language which leaves simple and basic terms behind. This means that users can get lost in translation and they could end up buying products that are not for them.

Thirdly, online reviews are not always reliable. You may believe that people are sharing their true thoughts and experiences about a product, but sometimes they are not. These reviews could easily cloud your judgment and make you buy products that are neither worth your value nor your time.

I understood this fact- online review sites etc. are not doing enough for the customers. There are so many fake reviews and paid promotions that you will get confused in the end. What bothers me more is that the reviews are often the same. Different sites look like they have copied reviews from each other and makes me believe that the site owners haven’t done enough research about the product to bring something original for the users.

This was when I thought that I had enough of the web of lies I find online. I created this website to help myself and hundreds of people who have finally understood that all review sites are not created equal. I wanted to create a space where I could freely share real and authentic reviews about products with my audience and tell them what it really feels like to use a product.

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Brian. The owner and writer on this website- BrianSays.com. I have designed this site for people like you and me who face countless shopping decisions every day but have a hard time deciding what to buy. I write different product reviews and help my readers become better buyers.

I will share with you all the tricks I have learned while shopping to get the best deals. You will also learn how to separate the grain from the chaff when it comes to buying great products. In addition to this, I will share my secret to help you find hidden gems in shopping- the products that are not hyped much but give you immense value for your money.

So, stay with me on this website and check out all the content I have put my heart and soul into creating. I may not be one of the best writers around, but I can assure you that everything I write is based on real experience. If I don’t like a product, I will tell you this instead of lying to you to earn a quick buck from affiliate marketing services.

If the customer is the king, then the customer should be fully informed about a product. I will answer some burning questions like the differences between different discount and coupon sites, tricks to make an online seller offer you a better price, ways to get better bargains in local stores and how to ensure that you save money as well as time by narrowing down to the best websites.

I will also introduce you to various ongoing promotions on popular websites, so you can find the right price right when you need it.

You can always write to me, send me recommendations and suggestions. Also feel free to share your personal experiences or questions about the products that I have reviewed. I will be happy to answer them for you.

Please visit the pages of the sites that you most admire and let me know what you think about my efforts.