How to Save Money

Saving money is something that we all should be doing. But like most things in life, just because we know we should be doing something does not mean that we actually do it. The thing is, it is far easier to save money than we all realize.

So what are some ways to save money and build for the future? Here is a short list of easy ways that can help you.

Turning off the TV

This one doesn’t sound all that fun – after all, there are so many great options on television these days that you can get lost down the rabbit hole for a good long time. But turning off the television has a number of benefits that could help you save.

When you don’t watch television, you are exposed to less spending-inducing ads, you can lower your electric bill and downgrade to a cheaper television package, and put your time and energy into other ventures that could possibly make you money.

Sign up for Rewards Programs

If you are already shopping through certain establishments, you may as well enjoy benefits of shopping there, right? Finding rewards programs for those stores can help save you on purchases that you had already planned to make.

This goes the same for rewards credit cards. Using them to make purchases that you had already planned on (and planned paying off) will help you save in the long run and will get you rewards back for your spending. A win-win.

Use the 30-Day Rule

If you haven’t noticed, patience is a big part of being able to save. And there is no greater tool in patience than the 30-day rule. We all make instant snap purchases from time to time but waiting 30 days and thinking about whether or not you still want that item can save you major money.

Often times, once that initial impulse has passed, we no longer want the item we were previous infatuated with. This will cut down on those impulse purchases that can add up significantly over time, saving you major money.

Write out a Grocery List and Stick to It

This falls in line with the impulse purchases previously mentioned. When you go grocery shopping, you can wind up with a lot more stuff in your cart if you don’t walk in with a game plan and stick to it. Staying to things on your list allows you to create a food budget and stick to it, saving on those impulse meal purchases that can add up.

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