The Best Monitors for Your Money

In recent years, the way we use our computers has changed drastically. Aside from workplace environments, desktop computers are going the way of the dodo in favor of the much more versatile and easily transportable laptop computer.

But there are those who still enjoy the experience of sitting down at a desk with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The latter can dramatically impact the quality of your experience when using a desktop computer and it is important to know which monitor is most worth your time.

Here are things to look for in a great monitor.

Picture, Picture, Picture

Just like a great television, the crux of the viewing experience comes in, well, the viewing. Finding the monitor with the best possible picture will go a long, long way. After all, a lot of PC gamers still use a desktop setup and having a monitor to display the beautiful graphics of the games they are playing can enhance the overall experience exponentially.

And because of the enhanced graphics that PC gaming offers, having a subpar monitor can put a damper on the entire experience. Get a monitor that will leave you breathless each time you put it to use.

Size Does Matter

Gone are the day of tiny 15 or 16” monitors. If you are going to spend the time and money on a desktop computer, go big or go home. There are monitors of all sizes and styles now, often matching the television counterparts.

A screen in the 30-40” range makes for a perfect addition to any setup and you can enjoy your browsing or gaming in the same style as you would a console game. Monitor size matters these days and the rule should always be the bigger the better.

Keep an Eye on Refresh Rate and Aspect Ratio

The best monitors on the market are often geared towards the gamers out there and for good reason: they have a higher refresh rate and the best aspect ratios among monitors on the market. These are an absolute must for gamers out there because it is imperative that your monitor be able to keep up with all of the movement and action without dropping picture quality.

Getting the right monitor for your PC setup can make all the difference in the world, especially if you are a gamer. Do you homework and find the right monitor for your ideal setup.

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