The Best Gaming Platforms for Your Money

There used to be a time when console gaming was considered to be only for one demographic. But in the decades that have passed, there have been so many changes and progressions in the way video games are presented that it has become a global, billion-dollar industry.

Because of this, the gaming consoles of today can do so much more than their predecessors. While gaming is still the focal point, consoles have also become all-in-one home entertainment systems, complete with streaming capabilities.

But which are the best consoles on the market? Here is a guide for you to consider.

Sony Playstation 4 Pro

The console wars between Sony and Microsoft (with the Xbox One) continue to rage, but Sony may have the leg up for the time being. The Pro is a slightly better version of the popular Playstation 4 and the capabilities of this machine are expansive.

The Playstation 4 Pro is 4K/HDR 10 compatible for the highest quality gaming and video. Not only that, the Playstation game library is expansive, with so many great options to consider for all kinds of ages and demographics.

With the ability to stream nearly all of the most popular apps available on the market, the Playstation 4 Pro is the most versatile and powerful gaming console on the market.

Xbox One X

Similar to the Playstation 4 Pro, this is a better version of the standard put out by Microsoft. Though the game catalogue isn’t as comprehensive as Sony’s, it is nothing to scoff at. There are a few exclusive titles that are worth the price of the console alone.

The Xbox One X also has 4K/HDR capabilities and the same streaming services that are offered on the Playstation platform. It is very close between the Sony Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, both machines making a great addition to any home.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo no longer tries to compete with the expansive library of Sony and Microsoft and can’t compete in terms of quality of graphics, but the Nintendo Switch possibly delivers more fun than anyone else.

The Switch is a portable gaming device that easily hooks up to any television to act as a traditional console. It bridges the gap between home consoles and handheld devices, making it a console that can go with you anywhere.

Families and friends everywhere can enjoy the Switch’s fun, group-friendly catalog with easy transportation that is not offered by the other consoles.

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