Is the Amazon Echo for You?

In recent years, Amazon and others have introduced smart home devices to improve the overall convenience of life at home. Among these, the Amazon Echo (with the all familiar Alexa) have become one of the go-to smart home devices.

Amazon Echo is presented as something that can make your home totally voice controlled through the aforementioned Alexa, but there is far more to know about the Echo than meets the eye. The possibilities are great, but you need to take a few more steps than you might realize.

Here are reasons why you may enjoy the Amazon Echo in your home.

Amazon Echo Can Connect Your Entire Home

The Echo has the ability to connect all aspects of your home: the thermostat, the lights, the digital locks on your door, and more. But what you might not be aware of is that you need Amazon Echo compatible devices to do this. That means Bluetooth-enabled devices or switches that can sync up with the Amazon Echo. Unfortunately, Alexa is not smart enough to handle non-compatible devices just yet.

One of the great things, though, is if you have a smart television or other Alexa-enabled smart devices, she can communicate with them and you can access certain functions of those devices by voice command. It can make things incredibly convenient when you have all of your Alexa-compatible devices synched together.

You Can Control It All via Your Phone

One of the best parts about having a smart home setup is that you can access almost all of the features from your smartphone. This is especially helpful when you are away from home and want to control a function in your home.

For example, if you are heading home from work in the winter time, you can set the thermostat to your home on your phone so that your house is nice and warm by the time you get home. There are a wide variety of features and functions that are possible using this method, making life extremely convenient when you are able to sync up all of your smart devices.

Amazon Echo has a great amount of potential but can be disappointing if you did not realize all of the Alexa-compatible that are required to make everything come together. Even as a standalone, Alexa brings a number of features and conveniences to the table that make it more than worth adding to your home.

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