Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Birthday gifts can be a very difficult thing to shop for even if you know the person better than anyone else. It is easy to get something generic like a gift card and those certainly have their uses. But for someone special in your life, you want to go above and beyond and show them that you know them intimately enough to get them something truly special.

This can be an even tougher thing to do when shopping for the man in your life. Men, for some reason, tend to be a bit more difficult to shop for in general. We never say what we want or end up buying what we want when we want it. Dads and husbands around the globe have been frustrating their significant others for years in this department.

But there are some cool and unique gifts that you can provide that are worth checking out.

Baseball Park Map Glasses

One of the most unique ideas this writer has seen, these glasses would be beautiful on their own but they have a unique feature: maps of the areas where the stadium of that team plays. The two display pictures are of iconic baseball teams in the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Each glass displays the team’s logo at the bottom while a map of the stadium and the surrounding area covers the glass. It provides a unique aesthetic without being ridiculous or overpowering and makes for a great addition to any sports fan’s collection.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

There seems to be one universal truth about men (okay, there are a lot) and that is that they love grilling. Men love to fire up the grill all throughout the year and cook up some of their favorite meals with that natural gas or charcoal heat.

So cater to that love of grilling by getting kabob grilling baskets for the man in your life. It makes cooking delicious kabobs far easier and keeps delicious food from falling between the grates of the grill and into the fire below.

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Along the same vein as the first item, this is an absolutely perfect gift for the sports fans out there. Blueprints featuring the stadium of their favorite team will make for a great addition to any office wall and will leave them stealing glances at it whenever possible.

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