Building the Best Value Home Gym

Sure, building a home gym is the most convenient way to get fit but it’s not cheap. You need a high budget to create a functional space with the best equipment.  However, you can save a ton if you know where to look and search diligently. Here’s how.

1. Purchase Used Equipment

Buying brand new equipment doesn’t come cheap. If you have a limited budget, consider buying used equipment to build your own home gym. Search the used marketplace for the best deals, like Craiglist, Facebook, and local garage sales. You’d be amazed by a lot of great pieces posted on these sites.

As possible, create mutual connections with the sellers. This way you’ll be able to leverage that during the negotiation process. Check these sites always and be prepared to contact the seller when the right equipment is posted.

2. Create Your Own Equipment

If you have the skills, creating your own gym equipment is a good way to save a lot of costs. Search the internet for DIY projects. Power racks and plate holders are the easiest to do. Instead of buying a new platform, build it using stall mats and plywood.

3. Buy New Equipment from Affordable Providers

Don’t just buy new equipment from the first seller that you can find. Search the marketplace for the best providers that offer the best price. There are many budget-friendly providers, like Fringe Sport, Rep Fitness, and CAP.

Here are some things you should consider when buying new equipment.

  • Rack: When buying a new rack, choose between a full power rack and a half-rack. If you’re short in your budget, settle for squat stands.
  • Barbells: They’re the equipment that you should put your money on since the price strongly correlates with the quality. When buying the best barbell, look for standard knurling, long warranty, and a 28.55 mm shaft width.
  • Plates: Choose between iron plates and bumper plates. Iron plates are suitable if you’re only doing powerlifting. Bumper plates are a more versatile and safer option. They also don’t make a noise when you drop your barbells as iron plates do.

4. Invest On Other Essentials

Dumbbells and kettlebells are two of the most versatile equipment that you can add in your gym. They can be utilized in infinite ways and they also leave a small footprint in your space.  Kettlebells are also another versatile piece that you can use for various purposes, like strength building, rehab, and conditioning.

A set of resistance bands is also essential for strength training. You can purchase them for $10 to $30. For cardio, you need a good pair of shoes and some workout DVDs. The price of cardio equipment is quite hefty so look for cheaper options, like a jumping rope and a stepper.

For flexibility, you need a yoga mat and a towel. A yoga mat gives you the cushion when you work on the hard floor surface while a towel can help you stretch out your body. You also need a good adjustable bench to do various tasks, like presses, elevated bodyweight row, squats, and more.

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