What to Look For When Buying a Watch

A watch is a valuable possession that tells the time and somehow shows your wealth. With so many brands and types of watches to choose from, it’s so hard to pick the right one for you. Here are things to look for when purchasing a new watch.

1. Style

Watches are available in various styles, such as sport, casual, and luxury. Your choice of style depends on how you’ll plan to use it. If you want a watch for business events, look for a luxury watch. A casual watch is a good choice for various personal settings.  If you’re an athlete or someone who likes the outdoor, a sport watch is all you need.

2. Solid Construction

Look for a solid metal watch to ensure durability. The steel watch should be crafted from 316L stainless steel. Rather than hollow or folded metal, the watch case and bracelet loops should be made from durable pieces of metal.

It’s simple to determine whether the bracelet is durable. Just check the side of it and make sure that it appears like one solid piece. The cases, on the other hand, should use the most metal as possible.

3. Watch Movements

There are three basic watch movements – mechanical, quartz, and automatic. The mechanical movement causes the second hand to smoothly move in a sweeping motion. It needs manual winding to work.

The quartz movement is battery powered and causes the second hand to move in single ticks. There are many quartz movements available from different regions, but the best watches are made of Swiss or Japanese quartz movements.

The automatic movement uses your wrist’s kinetic energy to make the watch work. Automatic watches require no daily winding and it still continues to work with regular wear.

4. The Fitting

You want a watch that nicely fits on your wrist. Check the strap whether it fits to the case. Wear the watch and observe how the clasp or buckle works. They should work smoothly and feel solid.

If there’s a rotating diver’s bezel, try twisting it and see how it moves. There shouldn’t be any noise made when shifted around your wrist. In a lot of cases, Swiss and Japanese companies create better metal bracelets than other nations.

5. Multiple Locking Clasps

Weak metal bracelets are made of a single locking clasp. The best metal watches are made of double or triple locking clasps. In a double locking clasp, the first piece locks the watch down while the second piece makes sure that the first piece is truly closed. A triple locking clasp often adds a push-button in the mix.

6. Luminated Dials

If you want a watch that shows the time even in low light conditions, look for a good dial lumination. All sport and casual watches have some form of lumination on the hands and dial. Its luminance greatly differs from one model to another. The best watch should have a luminant that easily charges and glow for a long time.

7. Extra Features

If you need more than a standard watch, look for extra features. A lot of sport watches offer timer and stopwatch features. Other features may include a calculator, alarms, and GPS.

Whenever you’re buying anything expensive like a nice watch be sure that you check out sites like Only Reviews to find cheaper or better quality alternatives. If you do this early rather than getting your heart set on a certain watch, you can save money and end up with a longer-lasting timepiece.

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