Skiing vs Snowboarding

The question as to which of the two is better between skiing and snowboarding has been around for ages. The truth is, it all comes down to what you prefer. Some people are all for having both feet on a single board and moving at 90 degrees to where the front of their body is facing.

Others prefer the greater leg movement offered by skiing.

As for which of the two is easier to learn, there is really no debate about it. Skiing is far easier and many people will get the hang of it after a few days of practice. In fact, moving from beginner to intermediate level of experience in skiing will be much faster than with snowboarding.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, requires a bit more commitment and practice. Having both feet secured with restricted movement can be daunting to the beginner and often many underestimate the level of commitment required to learn how to snowboard.

That said, once you get to grips with snowboarding, you will be having such great fun that you will not imagine yourself doing anything else.

As for the risks involved, both skiers and snowboarders face different types of injuries. Skiers are more vulnerable to knee injuries due to the fact that the feet are working independently as well as the turning and twisting motion involved.

Snowboarders, on the other hand, are more likely to get ankle, shoulder and wrist injuries.

Snowboarding will require a lot more exertion and energy than skiing. Look at it this way, with snowboarding you don’t have anything to support yourself with even while at a standstill. When going through the motions, you will need to move your whole body. In the end, you might be aching all over even in muscles you never thought could hurt.

Skiers enjoy the use of poles for support and to help navigate the terrain. While they do not exert quite as much as snowboarders, they will still find that their knees, shin, and calves will experience the most pressure and it is these parts that are most likely to hurt.

Another benefit of skiing is that movement is easier on flat terrain. The poles will help you support yourself as you move through the flat areas. This is more than can be said for snowboarders. One-way skiers and snowboarders can prepare themselves before making the trip is by performing squats to build those all-important muscles and to get their bodies accustomed to the pressure.

Both first-time snowboarders and skiers will find it difficult to perform chairlifts but this is more so for snowboarders. If a snowboarder falls, he needs to learn how to get up quickly and this takes time. What’s more, they have to ride lifts with the snowboard attached to a single foot. This is why it is important to practice using a single foot to snowboard.

On the upside, snowboarders have less gear to carry compared to skiers who have to carry their poles, skis, and boots which are often quite heavy.

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