Things to Consider When Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Perhaps, the most important decision you to have to make when deciding to have a tattoo is to choose the artist. You want someone professional to apply the tattoo on your skin so you won’t regret it for the rest of your life. Don’t decide on an impulse. Shop around and consider these things when choosing a good tattoo artist.

1. Work Portfolio

Take the time to examine the artist’s previous works. Are the tattoo lines straight and done in a single stroke? Are the shapes perfectly made? Are the colors mixed well to make the right shade and depth? Are any of the tattoos out of proportion?

Use your eye in evaluating these things. Don’t simply listen to what the artists say. If their work is inferior then you’re more likely to end with a bad tattoo.

2. Hygiene

Another thing to consider when selecting a tattoo artist is the state of his or her studio. Does the place look clean? If not, then it’s a telltale sign that the artist doesn’t practice proper sanitation. You know that hygiene is important when getting tattoos because you’ll be prone to infections and other diseases.

While you’re at the studio, observe how the artist applies the tattoo in action. You want to work with an artist who uses sterilized or disposable needle. It would also be nice if the artist uses latex gloves and a steel or disposable wooden sterile spreader to apply the substance on the skin.

3. Reputation

You want to work with a tattooist with a good reputation. Ask your friends or relatives for direct advice and listen to their experiences. If they had a positive experience with a specific artist, contact the artist for more details.  Avoid the artists that they had a bad experience.

Checking the reviews online is also another good way of knowing the reputation and ability of the tattoo artist. Follow their social media accounts and read the reviews of their previous customers. You can try contacting past customers to get an opinion about the artist.

4. Awards

It may seem unnecessary, but awards say a lot about the ability of a tattoo artist.  If a tattoo artist won an award each year, then it means you’re in good hands. Awards are given to tattoo artists with great skill and popularity.

Take note that these award-winning artists have a lot of customers. If you’re thinking of getting your tattoo to any of them, plan ahead. Book in advance and wait patiently.

5. Licenses and Certificates

Getting a tattoo can be frightening. To make sure that a professional is handling you, look for the licenses and certificates of the tattoo artist’s studio.

Regulations for tattoo shops may differ from each state to another. However, it’s compulsory that all tattooists undergo bloodborne pathogen training every year.  In New York and other states, it’s required to open all sterile equipment before the client. All studios are required to test their sterilization equipment periodically.

If you want to know the particular licenses in your state, visit this CDC site or check the details on your state’s Department of Health website.

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