Best Winter Holiday Destinations

Perhaps it’s high time to plan your winter destination for the perfect fulfilled holiday. Whether you want to spend your time in the snow or you are looking forward to basking in the warm sun sipping on refreshing drinks with cool views of the ocean, here are some of the best winter destinations to consider.

1.    Tromso, Norway

If you always wanted to watch the Aurora Borealis, why not marvel at this fairytale wonder as you cruise over the Fjord on a steamer ship? And once you hit dry land, you can jump on a snowmobile and take a trip to the countryside.

While you are at it, take time to see the Arctic Cathedral and the Polar Museum. And then there is the events to look forward to such as the Oslo Christmas Market and the Gingerbread Town Ergen.

2.    Thailand

Are you one for the warmer tropical temperatures? Then Thailand is a great destination this Christmas. The beaches are impeccable, and the locals are tourist friendly. You can indulge yourself in a variety of seafood.

Events to look forward to include the festival of light known as the Loi Kathrong, the Khoh Phangang Color Moon Festival and others.

3.    Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai this December then you may be just in time for the Dubai Shopping Festival. This great event talks place between 26th December and 28th January. Being in the desert, Dubai is always warm. However, you can always spend the day in any of the awesome water parks.

Attend the Dubai international film festival, the Elton John festival as well as the New Year’s Eve festival. You can also ski in the indoor resort as well as climb the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

4.    Prague Czech Republic

One of the most popular Christmas markets in all of Europe is to be found here. Tourists can buy plenty of different items from toys to Czech glass. Munch on some tasty barbequed sausages as you immerse yourself in this fairytale-like land.

During your visit, go to the Medieval Charles bridge and the Prague Castle. Don’t forget the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music.

5.    Costa Rica

Some of the best beaches in the world are in Costa Rica. Situated in South America, Costa Rica boasts the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean on either side. In fact, why not climb the Irazu volcano and enjoy the view from both water bodies while you are at it.

6.    Mozambique

A country that is quickly making its climb to the top of the list as one of Africa’s best coastal destinations, Mozambique is a great place to view African wildlife as well especially at the Ngorongosa National Park. However, its 1430-mile-long coastline is its most popular feature.

And once you’ve taken in all the natural wonders of Mozambique, you can head off to the interior and interact with the locals as you learn more about the culture.

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