Our Favourite Mainstream Coffee Shops

Nothing is more relaxing than sipping a cup of coffee in your favorite shop. There are a lot of mainstream coffee shops dominating in the market scene nowadays, but only a few satisfy our taste buds and budget. Here is a list that meets our coffee needs.

1. Starbucks

If we talk about coffee shops, who would forget about Starbucks?  They’re pretty much everywhere and they offer a lot of choices. From Caramel Macchiato to Café Latte and Cappuccino, Starbucks has them all for you. However, you need to be patient for its long queues.

Another good thing about Starbucks is you seem to feel fancy when ordering coffee. To save yourself from embarrassment, get to know the pronunciation of the menu. If you have no WiFi at home, you can simply head to your nearest Starbucks and secure a seat as long as you can.

2. Dunkin Donuts

Yes, Dunkin Donuts is more than just doughnuts now. The restaurant offers coffee aside from the usual menu.  With its loyalty rewards program, you can get a free cup of coffee for a few visits at the doughnut restaurant.

3. Coffee Beanery

This coffee shop provides fast service in the morning. It only took three minutes to get our coffee as compared to other shops which take at least half an hour. Aside from serving coffee, this shop also sells coffee beans from flavored to decaf.

4. G&B Coffee

This coffee shop in LA makes the best espresso. The taste is similar to filter coffee and served at larger extractions in a Gibraltar glass. While saddling up at the bar, you can enjoy your coffee with your friends.

The espresso is usually served with the Fizzy Hoppy Tea Soda. It’s a fusion of two black teas and hops then carbonated. The taste is more subtle than soda water.

5. McCafe

If you like coffee on the go, McCafe might be the best coffee shop for you. This McDonald franchise has more than 300 coffee chains around the world.  They serve lattes, frappes, espresso, and more.

The taste of cafe latte from McCafe is almost similar to the one in Starbucks. However, Starbucks’ café la latte is livelier. The cappuccino of McCafe also tastes milkier than Starbucks.

6. Costa Coffee Shop

If you like the London coffee style, we recommend Costa Coffee. This British coffee shop is known for its Frostino or Flat White coffee.  The Flat White has a full flavor and velvety texture. The coffee shop also offers a nice selection of baked goodies and freshly-baked croissants to pair with your coffee. We’re delighted with their nice staff and quick service.

7. Lavazza Coffee

This Italian coffee house is also one of the best makers of espresso coffee.  Made of 100% Arabica beans, the espresso has a good roast flavor. This coffee shop also has one of the best lattes we ever tasted.

The café impresses with its fast service staff and extensive menu. They offer pasta, sandwiches, hot chocolate, and more. The ambiance is laid back and the price is relatively cheaper than other popular coffee shops.

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