How to Find Great Bargains?

If you are buying everything at the MSRP, you are making a huge mistake. Most retailers, e-commerce service providers, and other sellers are willing to sell you at a price much lower than what is mentioned on the tag. If you only have some tricks up your sleeve, you can get a bargain like no other.

Without much ado, let’s jump to the ways in which awesome bargains become a possibility.

Finding bargains in flea markets and stores

Never overdress– I hate some people for making this mistake. When you are going to shop, make sure that you underdress. Say goodbye to being ‘trim and proper.’ Just wear your most comfortable jeans and shirt and go around town. This holds especially true for flea markets. If the seller believes you can pay higher, he will quote a higher price and guess what will give it away? Exactly, your dress.

Don’t act interested– If you like something, don’t go drooling over it. If you think there is a chance for the seller to lower the price of the goods, then act like you are just mildly interested but can easily go without the item if you want. If the seller believes that you love a product, he will not budge on the price, and you will not get a good price.

Find those coupons– if you are buying grocery shopping, then you should make couponing a part of your lifestyle. It not only saves you money but helps you in buying things in bulk and saving them for later. Imagine buying a bulk of toilet rolls and then never having to visit the store for the next six months. You can find them in newspapers, magazines, tabloids. They are everywhere.

Shop at the right time– Buying winter clothes for the next season just before spring knocks on your door? Now that’s a good idea. Most people worry about clothes going out of fashion too soon. If you don’t buy something this season, you won’t be able to wear it the next season, right? Wrong. If you buy any item, you are ideally going to wear it for the next couple of winters, or more. So, don’t worry if you are buying clothes at the end of the season. Buy and stack for the next year.

If you are too fashion conscious, then buy your regular clothes in these sales. These may include basic jackets, denim, scarves, sweaters, and jumpers. You can shop for sundresses, chinos, trousers, shirts, etc. at the end of summer and save them for the next season. This will save you from the drama of deciding what to wear when summer arrives. Your new clothes will be ready to make you look awesome. Talk about smartness!

Finding bargains online

Online shopping is THE best way to save money, especially if you know where and how to shop. Here are some ways in which online shopping becomes a breeze.

Coupons– Nothing beats coupons, and the internet has plenty of these. Most sellers will provide you coupons on their websites and automatically apply them to give you some additional discount. Some other websites like Ebates also help you in finding some great coupons and bargains for these products. Then there are browser extensions like Honey which will quietly find the best coupons for your products and apply them so that you can get the maximum discounts.

Window shop– Seriously? How can someone window shop online? It’s easy. Just look for the products you like, add something to your cart and just leave it there. E-commerce websites hate abandoned carts, and they will likely offer you a discount on the product to help you get the best price. You can even go back to the website and check out your personal recommendations section to find something similar at a cheaper cost.

Save up for the sales– do you realize how many items you can buy at a later date instead of getting them “right now”? Impulse purchases are one of the reasons why most people shop at higher prices. So, don’t buy anything on impulse and wait for weekly, monthly or even festive deals. Keep saving for the right time and when you find the opportunity, buy in bulk. Simple.  

Don’t wait anymore and don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to pay the full price. Follow these rules and let us know how they worked for you.