Upcoming Foreign Films I Wanna See

These are a list of six foreign films that peaked my interest from the trailers I’ve found around the net. Some of the movies are coming to the US soon and some are uncertain. These movies run the gammit of […]

These are a list of six foreign films that peaked my interest from the trailers I’ve found around the net. Some of the movies are coming to the US soon and some are uncertain. These movies run the gammit of my taste from the violent horror flicks to black comedy action to campy asian kung fu.  Keep reading to see the full list.

[Rec] 2

If you’ve seen the movie Quarantine, you’ve basically have seen the English version of the Spanish film, REC. REC 2 is the sequel that takes place 15 minutes after the original. From what I’ve seen from the R-Rated trailer below, its every bit as horrific and visceral as the first. This movie is not for the squeamish. The original was touted as being “one of the scariest movies of all time,” and this one looks just as good. This should be out in theaters here in the US on July 9th. This must have apparently done well in its home country of Spanish because the movie studio has already ordered two more sequels.

Snowman’s Land

I’m a big Coen Brothers fan and this German movie looks like very much in the vain of Fargo as stated by FirstShowing.net. From the music, to the setting, to the bumbling idiots for killers. It all screams Fargo and I like it. Can’t wait for this one to come out.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

A good trailer will give you just enough movie to make you want to see more without giving away the whole movie. Well we have one better in the video below. We have the first five minutes of Disappearance of Alice Creed but it does not give away the movie. The first five minutes are a perfect setup of what is about to happen. Clearly from the title, we know someone is missing. The video below shows you the two kidnappers, as they prep and fortify the room that will house the hostage, Alice Creed. This British crime thriller by J Blakeson looks pretty enticing and I can’t wait to see it when it gets here on August 6th. Be sure and watch the trailer as well on the official site.

Alien vs Ninja

As the article states on GeekTyrant, “it had to be done!” Talk about campy ninja kicking alien ass goodness! We have Alien vs Predator movies, why not throw ninjas in the mix as well? This is one of those gotta see movies just for the cheeseball factor. I just can’t believe no one else has done this before. Yes its a Japanese film and yes they are known for weird and bizarre but this is pretty out there. Can’t wait to see this on DVD someday.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec

Ahh we we its a french film but its not just any ol’ french film, its Luc Besson. Only one of my favorite directors of all time. He is the secret sauce behind such great films as The Professional, Fifth Element, Le Femme Nikita, the Transporter movies, etc. This time he is doing an Indiana Jones type film with a female lead. It also has some Night at the Museum elements to it as well. The fight scenes also remind me of the The Mummy. There is no official US date but I’ll be on the lookout for this one. You can see the trailer here at FirstShowing.net and you can see more videos on Yahoo France.

Iron Sky

There is the only one tagline needed for this movie “In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon. In 2018 They Are Coming Back.” How cool is that? This is a crazy new finish film that recently got funding to film this movie. They shot a teaser trailer for their masterpiece and yes all of that will be in the movie, they said according to FirstShowing.net. This movie can go either super awesome or a complete let down only time will tell. They have not picked up a US Distributor so who knows well we will see it but damn it looks promising.

What did you think of the list? Do you have any trailers for some foreign films you know are coming out soon? Make sure and post them in the comments below. Also be sure to check out my podcast that I do with friends once a week. We talk about technology news, movies, games, tv shows and more.

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