Sites I Like: Gawker.TV

Gawker.TV is where I got to get my daily Tube news, gossip, and stories. The site has a great mixture of internet meme, TV Gossip, Show commentary, clips, links and more.  They have a great section of their site called “What were Watching Tonight” where the reporters tell you their best picks or assignments are for the night.

This week I’ve been fixated on the Late Night Wars between Jay and Conan, where the fate of  The Tonight Show is being decided. All the late night shows have something to say or make fun of the controversy and I don’t have the time or inclination to watch all those late night shows in one sitting. Gawker’s staff watches all the shows and records the best clips and saves them on their site. You get David Letterman’s crazy rants about Jay and Jimmy Kimmel’s clips where he dressed like Jay for an entire show.

So what is your favorite site for TV News and Gossip? Let me know in the comments.

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