Sites I Like:Reflection of Me

ReflectionOf.Me “of you and of everything that surrounds us…”

is rated as one of the Top100 Posterous blogs. This is a blog I go to frequently throughout the week. The site at first glance might appear to be artsy but take a closer look or you might miss some cool stuff. Like this collection of Avant Garde hairstyles. The site can be informative as well like this post showing which countries have the highest inflation rates. I love the off-the-wall finds on this site that start my day on a light note. Like this collection of food art or this funny webcam video.

Most of all I like Clementine’s collection / comparison posts such as:

The results are the same alcohol or yogo which do you prefer?

Steve Jobs Magazine Covers throughout the Ages

There are many other internet gems to find on this site from surreal artwork to clever adverting campaigns. This is definitely one site to check out daily.

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