Redbox has the Service!


Redbox has the competition beat when it comes to DVD rental prices but another aspect I love about them is their customer service.  I had a craving for a movie tonight and this time around is what Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I go to redbox’s site to reserve a copy. I hop in the car to my nearest Redbox.

I get there and notice a line is formed three people deep. It seems that there’s a problem with machine and its not letting anyone rent a DVD. Dohh! This sucks for me double time! Whenever you reserve a movie from online, your credit card is automatically debited one night’s rental. Driving to another redbox and renting the same movie will not remove the reservation charge on that machine.  I automatically give their customer service a call and explain what happened. The operator says no problem and apologizes for the machine issue. He lets me know the one dollar fee to my credit card can’t be reversed but he does give me two promo codes for the trouble! WOW you can’t beat customer service like this.

This is the second time I’m experienced this. The first time I was just calling to let them know their machine had a DVD stuck in the slot. They thanked me for letting me know there was a problem and gave me a promo code for my troubles. This is great customer service on their part but it baffles me that they can afford to give away free promo codes on such a low-margin business. I’m guessing they need to save all the customers they can to keep people coming back. All I can say is kudos redbox and now can you fix all the slow asses who take forever making a movie choice. 🙂

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