FontCapture – Your own custom handwriting font


FontCapture is a beta website where you can create your very own font in your handwriting. Its super easy to do. The site gives you a PDF Template which has a grid outlining each letter of the alphabet, numbers, and special characters. You simply print this template out and fill in each square in your own handwriting. Be sure to follow the instructions on the site on the best way to fill out the form. There are little tick marks showing the tops of capital letters and descender tick marks for those letters that go below the baseline like “g” and “p.” Make sure and sure and use a thin black marker or sharpie as suggested.

You then scan the template, upload it to the site, name your font, and install the resulting font onto your PC or Mac. Presto! your own personalized font. Below is a sample of the font I created from my own handwriting. fontscreenshot

Here is my finished template for reference and resulting font.

Have fun creating your own font and just think of this as another way to make a custom font that is not necessarily your handwriting. You could make the next windings or Helvetica. You could make your font out of boxes or animals.  Share your creations in the comments if you like.

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