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This blog post is based on a project I did for a local museum to help them promote some of their upcoming events for free. The examples in this post will be based on their events. The five websites I will be reviewing are craigslist,, eventful, zvents and facebook. I will outline the pros and cons of each service as well as what sets them apart. Keep reading to see the reviews.


Craigslist is the grand daddy of posting events and classifieds for free online. When the site first started, there was only a handful of cities supported. Fast forward to the present and craigslist has sites in every state and major city in the US and different countries across the globe. The reason for success has alot to do with the freedom you get with the service. Anyone can post an ad. You don’t even need to sign up for an account. The fact that the majority of their services are free has also contributed to their success.


  • Availability Nationwide and in most metropolitan areas and some rural.
  • Ease of posting an Ad. Probably the easiest of all services listed.
  • Very simple non-cluttered design.
  • Ability to post events anonymously.


  • Its biggest plus is also a negative. Because its so easy to post, alot of the content is spam.
  • No way to add photos, maps, calendar links,etc to events without knowing html.
  • No social buttons to promote your event.
  • No way to add comments.

Craigslist is great place to post simple events and helps get the word out. It has become the defacto standard when it comes to events and classifieds. If you are planning an event or get together definitely post to craiglist first. The only piece thats lacking is the social aspect. That is why when promoting an event, make sure and cast your net big and use as many sources as you can.


Upcoming hasn’t been around as long as craiglist but it does boast an impressive list of features. Upcoming is a Yahoo property and as such, you will need to have a yahoo account to post events and post comments on the site. You don’t need an account to search for events though.


  • Ability to post direct link to ticketing pages.
  • A lot of venues are already added in their system.
  • Maps, Calendars, Print, Email and RSVP links are provided.
  • You can add your own images to the event page easily.
  • Users can post comments to events page.


  • Unlike Craigslist, you will need a Yahoo account to post events.
  • They didn’t have my venue for the local museum. Had to add it manually.
  • More prominent in the bigger cities. Didn’t have alot of events listed for my mid-sized town.
  • To post links inside the description, you will need to know HTML.
  • Can only post your event to one category.

Overall I am pleased with the features included with Upcoming. You get a lot for free. Being able to add multiple images from your computer is a big plus. I think the ability of people to RSVP for the event is also a big plus for the event coordinator. The other added bonus is the “buy tickets” link where you can post a separate link to the ticketing portion of your site.


Eventful is another new player to the scene of free events online. Their service is a lot like Upcoming in many ways but it has a couple more bells and whistles, as well as paid services to promote your event.


  • Ability to add pictures to your posting
  • Can add simple HTML to the description.
  • Can add your event to 3 separate categories
  • Seperate area to add links to such things as your website, ticketing site, reviews, sponsors, etc.
  • Countdown widget you can customize and use on your website.
  • Ability for vistors to post comments


  • Cannot add events anonymously, you will need an account.
  • When you signup it automatically opts you in for email newsletter.
  • To promote your event there is an additional fee such as email marketing or higher search results on their site.


Zvents seems like it has the least amount of features compared to Eventful and Upcoming. It has the standards such as adding a event description, map, keywords, website links. It just seems like its lacking alot of the basic features you get with the other services listed with the except of craigslist. There is a premium version of the site which adds the ability to add photos, videos, more links, a branded website, business logo, and stats. They have some sort of tiered pricing which starts at $49.95.


  • Site is easy to navigate
  • Events are easy to configure
  • Has the basic features of the other services mentioned
  • Ability to add performer to the event.


  • Can not add images unless you purchase a premium package.
  • Can only add one link to your website for free, additional links are in the premium package.

Facebook Events


Facebook Events is another way events for free. This makes a good supplemental way to reach more people for your event but i would not make this my main focus since you are limited to those on facebook for exposure. Its true you can post a link to your event that the public can see, but they can not participate in discussion or RSVP unless they have a facebook account.


  • Has most of the features of other services mentioned.
  • Ability to add photos,links, etc.
  • The popularity of facebook to help spread the word.


  • Must be a Facebook member to participate and RSVP.

In summary, to get the best “bang for your buck” so to speak, its best to use a combination of services. Try out some of these services and see which one works best for you. You may want to even poll some of your guests and find out where they heard about the event so which one is getting you the most exposure. Use some of these services’ website features to help get the word out.

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