Lazy Feed Preview


Lazy Feed is a new web app still in  “invite-only beta” that basically aggregates feeds and stories based on trending keywords and topics that you add yourself. I was lucky enough to score an invite code from Louis Gray in a friendfeed conversation. Not sure what topics to add?  Don’t worry the site can connect to some of your social sites to grab your most popular keywords and tags as a base. They currently support 4 social sites: twitter, flickr, delicious, and blogs. Once all of your topics are imported from these sites, you can manually add your own topics as well.


The wow factor with Lazyfeed is the real-time aspect of the site. Once you have added all of your favorite keywords, you will see the topics move up and down the page depending on which topic is receiving updates. Once you select a topic from the left hand column, you can view the results in the middle, browsing column. The newest content will always be at the top. The content will be summaries of each story and you can click on each to get an expanded view. You can even click the Save button to save the article for later viewing.


This service seems to take its cues from sites like google reader but it also tries to set itself apart by being based on topics rather than individual RSS feeds. The site is still in beta with more features in the works, I’m sure. I like the simplicity of the site and how the newest content gets pushed to the top. The real-time updates can be paused if you rather take your time when reading the stories. I would like to see options to share the content with other services. Right now its more of a closed system.

Below is a video which shows a demo of the site’s features:

If you’re interested in trying out the service let me know and I have 2 invite codes to the site. Fare warning about these codes, they are not guaranteed to work. I took them from a public spreadsheet so no guarantees.

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