Facebook eats Friendfeed

I’m sure if you are active on the internet, you know one or both of these power players. Facebook of course is the mother of all social medias at the moment with their suggested 250 million user base. They are the current big dogs in this industry. Friendfeed on the other hand, is a relative new comer to the market launching back in 2007 by a couple of ex-google programmers. Their service is feature rich and many of the features you see now in facebook first started in friendfeed like the “likes.” It was announced today that Facebook officially bought friendfeed.

The reason for my title of  “Facebook eats Friendfeed” because I thought of the praying mantis analogy.  This merger is just like that of a female and male praying mantis. Facebook is the female mantis luring in the male, friendfeed for sex. The male does his deed and inseminates the female and when the deed is done, the female says thanks for the goods and eats the male!


Its been stated that Friendfeed will live on independently of facebook but the spirit of the site is lost. No longer will they be making features to enhance the experience for the users of friendfeed but the best will wind up on facebook. I’m a user of both systems and I have to say I spend a lot more time on friendfeed vs facebook. Facebook will always be a place to catchup on old friends and see what their up to but I feel my experience was richer on friendfeed.  I agree with Robert Scoble (one of friendfeed’s biggest evangelist) that:

“FriendFeed’s community was geekier and more fun, for me. No (or almost no) celebrities, very few jerks, lots of engagement that I don’t get on Facebook, and no spammers.”  Robert Scoble

What do you think about the new Facebook/friendfeed acquisition? Do you think its a win for social media or a power play from facebook to go after twitter? Leave me a comment below.

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