Timeframe: A 72 hour New Media Video Exhibition

Ten Artists will interpret the element of time found in an immersive space that allows for varying yet simultaneous moments of presence.

That is the description from their website. A friend of mine, Kyle Kondas is one of the video artists participating in this exhibition. To see the works of these video artists, head over to www.seesmic.com and check out the featured videos on the right hand side. There you will see a link to Timeframe Exhibition. If you are new to seesmic, you will see the videos in a timeline on the left hand column. There are scrolls button on the bottom. Just scroll through the different videos as well as people’s video comments.

This is a new and inventive way to use seesmic which is primarily a video social network. The nice part is the instant feedback you can get from the viewers. Kudos to Christi Nielson, the curator, for coming up with a new way to display art.

I posted a few of the videos that have been submitted so far. Just click the “read more” click below. Also keep checking back to seesmic since this lasts from 09/25 – 09/27.

Here are some of the works already displayed

TimeFrame Exhibition Kyle Kondas
TimeFrame Exhibition : Fidler Video 1
TimeFrame Exhibition Kyle Kondas
TimeFrame Exhibition Christi Nielsen
Re: TimeFrame Exhibition Tiil

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