CAPE! 2008

Batman & Robin at CAPE!

A friend of mine had a booth at this expo called CAPE! which stands for Comic and Pop-Culture Expo here in the Dallas area. It’s the 4th annual event and its the worlds largest free comic book event! It’s sponsored by Zeus Comics, one of the bigger comic book stores in the Dallas area.

It was a pretty fun event and it had more of a grass roots vibe to it. There was tons of artists, writers, vendors, and comics galore. My wife is not really into comics but she said she still had a good. We even walked over to zeus comics and she bought some Halloween Nightdance comics. She loves the whole Halloween franchise. My friend Rob Hudecek was showing off his “comic” as well its called Your Place in the World. Check out to find out more about it. Here are some of the pics I took of the events, along with a video I made:

SpareKarmaYour Place in the WorldThe OJ Batman & RobinMy Wife SarahTentCAPE! Informationimac Planter?CatHatBottle Cap Necklaces

Video of CAPE! Day 2008

Higher Quality Video of the event is coming.

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