Flickr now does Videos 90 Seconds at a time

Flickr Video

Flickr has long been supreme (in my opinion) when it comes to hosting photos on the net to share with friends. Now it seems they want to be great at videos as well. There is only one catch, you can only upload 90 seconds worth of video and only 150MB file size. You must also be a Pro member to use this feature so everyone with free accounts, you are out of luck.

Flick has been beta testing this with some of its members but just yesterday made available to the world. I could wind of this by watching the twitter stream. I quickly logged into my account and gave it the old college try. With the 90 second cap in mind, I think this would work well for the videos I have taken with my digital camera since they are generally short clips. I uploaded 3 videos so far. The first is one of my dog Siena and the last two were some funny clips taken from Wizard World Texas 2007. I have more I want to upload but its late and wanted to just get something up there to try it. I don’t know how well the time cap will be received. I did a tweetscan of flick video and it seems to more people are just excited the feature is there. Some are complaining about the upload speed, some are saying Flickr is too late to the game, and others are comparing it to twitter with its 90 second cap. I for one think it works for certain kinds of videos. Flickr knows that there are other players out there now that can do longer videos and they have said compare Flickr videos to “long photos” of capturing slices of life.

Andrew Baron makes a good analysis on Understanding Flickr Video. I will definitely continue to use it and give you my review when I have played with it more.

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