Videodrome Weekend

Videodrome… I guess that is every weekend for me but especially this weekend. I am just like Maxx Renn from the movie I am on an “endless search for new material with which to titillate viewers.” By the way, you should check out this movie if you haven’t seen it already. It is definitely very trippy even for these modern times. I don’t have alot of original material for your eyeballs today but I do have some good finds video-wise from around the net. A little bit of gaming, WTF?, WoW, as well as a few for the kiddies.

2008-02-11_0129.pngZero Punctuation – This one is for the gamers out there. This reviewer is one of the most irreverent, potty-mouthed, bastard of a reviewer I have ever heard but…I love it! His name is Yahtzee, who is a british-born Australian game reviewer. I would describe his style of reviews as part Micro Machine Man, stick figure graphics, sarcasm, and vulgar. Here are three of the games I have he reviewed lately: Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed. Check him out, at the very least you will be entertained.

F**k Planet Earth – This one might not be safe for work but you could get by watching it at work with some headphones. This is a parody of the Planet Earth series on Discovery. That is all I am going to say and no you didn’t have to see the show to get it.

2008-02-11_0130.pngSkateboarding Explosions in SloMo – Well if you have ever seen slomotion skateboarding videos before then this is just like those videos plus some TnT! If you liked that video here is another one of the same caliber: Invisible Skating.

2008-02-11_0132.png10 of Geekiest Home Theater setups – Here are a list of some sweet home theater setups based on scifi, movies, TV shows, etc. Basically if you have money to blow, you too can have your theater look like the batcave, Egypt, the enterprise, the death star, whatever you desire.

2008-02-11_0134.pngThe Guild – This is a little gem of a show I found while scouring youtube. It is a comedy about the lives of some WoW Guild members and their lives online and off. Each character has unique traits that set them apart. The show was recently featured on the LA Times. Here is their official website as well.

….Ohh I lied no kiddy videos here 🙂

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