Super Bowl Weekend 2008

SuperBowl 2008
What better way to categorize this weekend. Saturday was pretty much a wash with me staying in working on some chores around the house. Sunday was the big day of course! Sarah and I went over to a friend’s house to watch the game. He recently bought a new house and got married. Congrats Rick and Michelle if you are reading this!

I don’t typically get into the whole Super Bowl thing but in my never ending search to find kewl things on the interweb I came across Jeremiah Zwyang’s TwitterBowl experiment. You can click on the link for all the details but basically Jeremiah setup a twitter account to log people’s responses to the SuperBowl ads giving each commercial a 1-5 star rating. I thought this was a great way to pass the time while watching the game. If you want to see what I rated for the commercials check out my twitter site. I was pretty consistent on my voting right up till the half-time show. Its pretty hard to text and watch at the same time even when you have a full Qwerty keyboard and small Asian hands. Tom Petty was boring and I started socializing more than texting. For a recap of Jeremiah’s TwitterBowl check out this link.

Here are some of my observations from 2008’s Super Bowl Ads:

Car Ads this year:

Audi,GMC,Lexus,Ford,Hyundai,Toyota (All crap Except for Audi with the Godfather reference and Toyota with the Badgers.)

Movie Ads this year:

  • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan Adam Sandler is back! The trailer on the website is much better than the superbowl ad
  • Iron Man Hell yes I want to see it
  • Semi-Pro Oh no not another sport-related movie Will Farrell!
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Looks good. Didn’t Expect it so soon.
  • Leatherheads Oh Brother, Where art Football mixed with a little Bull Durham
  • Wall-E It’s Pixar. Enough said.The worst ads at the superbowl:

  • (WTF?)
  • T-Mobile(the fave 5 thing with Barkley/Wade is played out)
  • Under Armour (Huh?)
  • Dell
  • The most creative Ads:

  • coca-cola(ballons)
  • career builder(heart)
  • FedEx(Pidgeons)
  • Doritos (mouse trap)
  • Amp (JumpStart)
  • Poor use of Celebrities:

  • Vitaman Water (Damn Shaq, need some money?)
  • Life Water (what is the deal with the lizards anyway?)
  • (you have to go to the website to see the ad? Guys nothing to see either.)
  • Sunsilk (I could barely make out there were celebrities there
  • Good use of Celebrities

  • Pepsi (Watching Justin Timberlake get thrown around was entertaining)
  • Diet Pepsi Max (The night at the Roxbury nob was nice even Chris Kattan at the end solidified it.)
  • Bridgestone (Headlights: Why didn’t the guy just plow through Richard Simmons!)
  • Victoria Secret (*Cough* This one is obvious, no comment)
  • By the way if you missed any of the Super Bowl Ads, AOL Sports has all of them. Check out the one’s you missed. Oh and for widescreen commercials, check out Hulu.

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