Hate is Fun, “Rootin’ Shootin’ Circus”

“Hate is Fun” is a comic strip made by Mark Garner who used to work at the same company I work for now. You can say that Hate is Fun is similar to Penny Arcade without the gaming. All bets are off with it comes to what Mark will talk about next. Topics range from Anime, Religion, Politics, Relationships, Computers, you get the picture. Here is Mark’s Description of his site:

“This comic should be viewed by anyone UNLESS they are easily offended, pious, uneducated, self important, and rage-aholic meglamaniacs. Then, by all means… please enjoy..”

Hate is Fun strip 54

UPDATE: Looks like Mark made another comic already, man he’s on a roll! He even mentions me after the comic. Here is the link.

Check out the Archives for some of the more memorable strips:

Strip 7 Intimate Details

Strip 10 I Don’t Get It

Strip 32 I Call The Redhead ‘Botz’

Strip 53 She Actually ISN’T

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