It was a web and gaming weekend…

Saturday I performed my weekly ritual of sleeping in as long as I can (which was until 11AM), grabbing a cup of joe, and watching my favorite video podcasts. The podcasts alternative between a handful of shows. Here are the ones I watched this weekend: The Totally Rad Show, 1up Show, DiggNation, and Tekzilla.

In case you didn’t know the 1Up Show is a weekly video podcast from the editors of EGM (Electronic Gaming Month, for the non-gamers). One of their first specials of the year had a segment on new independent free games called Freeloader. They had a few games that were kinda funny and definitely out there (links to follow), but one struck my eye as being new and innovative. The game was called Crayon Physics.

crayon physics Crayon Physics

The game itself is very simple: draw squares and lines to move the red ball to the stars. What I really like about it is the mood set by the soundtrack, the ease of use of simply free hand drawing shapes, and the authentic look of crayon on paper. The music is one simple song that loops throughout the 6 different levels, but I love the melodic haunting voice of the woman singing or chanting. The first game was built as a proof of concept by the author. He has a new version coming out soon called Crayon Physics Deluxe which incorporates the ability to add moving parts, like drawing a car and watching it drive forward. Here is a link to the deluxe page. I will be sure to post a blog when it becomes available.

Next comes Synaesthete which is a mind trip of a game. Its a game that is part Geometry Wars,part Guitar Hero, and part Tron with a techno sound beat.

The pictures really don’t do the game justice. Upon first playing this game, I thought oh great another geometry wars-like game but it really surprised me with how fun it was. Killing monsters to a techno beat is really satisfying!

Here are some other mentioned games:

Sumotori Dreams – This is basically a poorly done, but funny Drunken Sumo Game. Thats all I’m saying.

I wanna be that Guy– This is a sadistic look at all those side scrollers of yester year. Super Mario was Patty-Cake conpared to this game. It takes elements from those games and elevates them times infinity. Try it but you have been warned.

I finished out the weekend with Mass Effect. I borrowing it from a friend and you may as well call it “Crack Effect!” I played it until 3:30AM on Sunday! Yay me!

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